Lost in me represents a vision, a concept of style made of quality, creativity and research, which amounts to the identity of this brand and long-time history of our company. 

The project was born from the will of the company Visconf, present on the marketplace from more than 70 years, to offer traditional coats customized and updated to particularities and needs of the modern society, using male style fabrics revisited in street style key, embellished by fantasies, particular garnishes and furs for enhancing exclusivity, versatility and freshness, appealing to style and tailoring. 

What marks our products is the harmonious contrast between masculine imagine of the coats and the preciousness of the fur details decorated by the graphic image of the star, signature of the brand which represents Me, the seek of exclusivity and identity which everyone searches in a cloth to wear. 

To get lost, synonymous of losing yourself in enchanting, special, worked by wise hands, coats, realized with Made in Italy, valued and sublime craftsmanship fabrics, tailored by cuts and wearability which fully stand out the femininity of each woman. 

The key word of the project is tailor-made

about us
about us